about kollab


our history

Kollab was founded by Andrew & Mark in 2016. Both full time working musicians, they both faced different dilemmas that led them to founding Kollab - initially a marketplace for freelance musicians and producers. 

Seeking to solve the problem of not being able to readily access top level musicians and producers, they decided to create a service that would help musicians worldwide find talent for their songs. 

Today, Kollab work with a wide range of different customers providing musical and production services, including:

  • Unsigned artists and producers

  • Sound designers

  • Jingle writers

  • Songwriters/ghost writers

  • Film scorers

  • Record labels

  • TV & radio commissions

  • Animation studios

Through our roster of talented artists we can provide music or production for any project. We have so many experienced players on hand we can confidently take on any project regardless of genre, budget or timeframe.

No project is too big or small for Kollab - in a typical week our orders will range from recording a guitar solo to arranging and recording a full orchestra in a top London studio space. 

For tighter budgets, we also offer a number of fixed rate services in the Special Offers section. These are ideal for unsigned artists, hobbyists or bands looking to improve their songs with professional help at the lowest possible costs.

Kollab has and always will be a service 'for musicians by musicians'. We are always keen to help where we can on any project, and love working with unsigned and up and coming artists. We'd love to hear from you about your project and how we can help!


what we do

Kollab is the UK's first music production and session musician marketplace. We work with musicians and producers from all over the world, as all of our recording work is delivered remotely. 

Through remote recording, we make it possible to access musicians and production professionals no matter where you are based. We find you the right professional based on project, genre, budget or deadline.

We are a registered company in England & Wales and a legitimate business for your complete peace of mind. All of our artists are quality checked and vetted, many with major label and major recording studio credits.

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