About Our ARtists



industry professionals you can rely on…

Every artist on the Kollab roster has been carefully vetted to ensure they can deliver chart standard performances and recordings. We have a reputation for delivering quality results, which is we quality check every order that is delivered. We only select artists who can meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • They have major label credits
  • They have toured with signed artists
  • They have recording studio experience
  • They are a professional in the music/recording industry
  • They have a portfolio of work showing past clients
  • They have access to professional standard recording equipment or studio facility

This way you can be sure you are paying for an industry professional, and not enthusiastic amateurs that you will find on freelance websites. 

can i join kollab as an artist?

You don't have to have major label credits to join Kollab. In fact, some of our most popular artists are up and coming unsigned musicians. If you've got the talent that's all we are interested in, so if you are interested in joining our roster please visit the Artist Sign Up page.