Are music studios a thing of the past?


For bands or emerging artists, one of the most exciting parts of getting your songs out there used to be going into a professional music studio. Theres no denying that theres something exciting about walking into a fully furnished recording space, and seeing that huge console desk lit up like a Christmas tree.

All those longs nights spent writing songs in a bedroom or garage seem worth it when you get to the recording stage. Just like film fanatics get a rush when they walk into a movie theatre and smell the fresh popcorn, we musicians get the same feeling when walking into a recording studio. 

The perfect place to record a facemelter!

The perfect place to record a facemelter!


There are some obvious drawbacks to having to recording in music studios however, whether its a top of the line studio like Metropolis in London or a modest room or garage at a freelance engineers home.

The first problem is cost. Recording studios aren't cheap - I remember the first time I went into a studio was around the age of 17, and nobody in the band had any money. We saved for a while to get together the modest £160 to pay for 8 hours studio time (a very cheap rate but we are from the North East and it was a good few years ago now!).

Nowadays, you could expect to pay that a day in a decent studio anywhere in the UK. The reason is that studios are expensive to run, especially those with multiple staff, premises and high end equipment. The recent decline in record sales has also meant that less and less people are using these studios on a frequent basis, so costs are actually going up rather than down to combat the slump. Its a vicious circle, and an unfortunate one because going into a great studio and recording your music is something every musician should experience once in their lifetime. 

The other glaring drawback that I have always found is 'being on the clock'. Believe me, those 8 hours won't go very far once the day arrives, as this includes load in and load out time, setting up drum kits, lunch etc. You'll be lucky to get four hours actual work done in this timeframe! This also leads to a negative feeling of watching the clock and can lead to rushing parts, making snap decisions and not really getting to actually enjoy the experience. 

The birth of home recording is not a new trend, and many producers have been working from home for decades. The real interesting surge however, is something that has only been made possible in recent years thanks to the digital age we now live in...remote recording. 

As opposed to spending a small fortune in music studios, you can now reach out to producers and audio engineers all over the world and have your music recorded and produced remotely.

Home studio setups can get the best results - its all about the engineer...

Home studio setups can get the best results - its all about the engineer...


Kollab was started to not only embrace this trend but also make it even more accessible to musicians across the world. There are thousands of talented producers around the world working from small, modest bedroom set ups. The big question is, does this mean you're getting an amateur mix and master?

Definitely not! At least, not in the case of any seller you use through Kollab as everybody is vetted. I can tell you from first hand experience, walking into a plush recording studio and spending £200 a day does not guarantee you are going to get a professional result. Often, the engineer you get could be a junior, and your mix is only as good as the engineer who's hands its in, regardless of the 64 track mixing console and £2000 compression unit.

Do we think music studios have a future? I would say so, but as time goes by they will likely become scaled back to the point that they are almost on a par with a decent home set up, and more upmarket studios they will be reserved for the major label artists only. 

For artists, vocalists and bands who are starting out, trying to get signed or working on independent labels, using a talented freelancer is the most cost effective, time effective and all round enjoyable way to get your tracks professionally mixed and mastered.  Check out some of our producers here