Demo singers for hire on Kollab...


Did you know that through Kollab you can now find demo singers for hire remotely to help you record your songs?

However, it has to be an individual who can deliver a beautiful and compelling rendition of your song. It is not just about getting the best vocalist. There are a number of things you can look at before you hire a demo singer:

Vocal talent

Anyone who has offered themselves as demo singers for hire should have a great voice. This should be defined by a natural tone. You will also look at their pitch, range, sense of timing, and diction. In most cases, you will know you want to work with a singer simply by listening to them. Of course, a great singer will seem to be in control and confident of their abilities.

Sound of the voice

What are you looking for in a singer anyway? Is it an edgy, raspy rock voice? What about a modern country voice? Singers who come with signature voices are easier to place in your kind of song. However, the voice should only be unique enough to sell the song and nothing more. As such the sound of the demo singer ought to be quite distinctive from that of the singer to whom you are trying to pitch the song.

6 times grammy winner Joel is the perfect singer for your track...

6 times grammy winner Joel is the perfect singer for your track...


Knowing the way around a studio

Although you can be a great singer complete with a signature sound, you have to know your way around the studio. After all, giving an emotional, dynamic, and accurate performance in a vocal booth is different from live performance. Although seemingly mundane, working a studio microphone is not easy. Being studio savvy is about knowing when to get closer to the mic and when to pull away. That’s why you should always go for demo singers for hire who are studio savvy. It helps make your work easier.

Singing their own harmony vocals

The best demo singers (or ghost vocalists) know how to bring harmony out of their own voices. A great singer should be able to move from lead vocals to the chorus and even overdub the harmony vocals. It is about quickly finding harmony parts and matching the phrasing for a beautiful sound. Single-handedly, they can make the production look fuller than it actually is.

Greater efficiency

When working with a fast and efficient singer you will be able to focus on the music and not get distracted by delays. If anything, payment is usually in terms of the time spent working on a song. That means you will end up paying much less if the singer is fast enough. If the singer has to get instructions, it must be in a fast way that doesn’t distract the real work in the studio.

Since a demo singer will determine how good a song will be, you must take time during the selection process. After all, you are not just looking for a great performance but one which will cost you less in terms of time and money. Contact us today for some recommendations...