Is Kollab the best Soundbetter alternative?


In our remote recording world, there was some big news last week when Spotify announced that they have bought Soundbetter.

We see this as a positive for the audio professionals who use Soundbetter, as Spotify are planning to push the Soundbetter platform to their ‘Spotify for Artists’ members.

For those of you who don’t know, Soundbetter is a US based company that offer the services of audio professionals on their platform. Everything from music producers, vocalists to session musicians.

Hey, that sounds familiar lol!

Even though we are a much smaller outfit on the other side of the pond, we are obviously operating in the same space as Soundbetter, which technically makes us an alternative.

Kollab artist Jessie

Kollab artist Jessie

The world of remote recording is still relatively small, and it’s not uncommon for online session artists and producers to cross over onto the various platforms.

Funnily enough, when I had the idea of starting a marketplace for session musicians and producers back in late 2015 I thought I was the first to come up with this - how wrong I was! We did not even know Soundbetter existed until some time later, when it popped up randomly during some keyword testing we were doing.

For the record, we love Soundbetter and think that the platform is great. It’s good to see a forward-thinking company in our space getting some recognition from a behemoth like Spotify, and the platform is only likely to get better. This is great news for both artists and providers who are looking to connect and work together online.

As for who is the best alternative, I think this is purely down to what kind of service you prefer as the artist. Although we provide a similar service in general, the big differences between Kollab and Soundbetter is the way the service happens at the front end.

We operate in more of an agency style as opposed to the marketplace model, so the bulk of communication is through our staff as opposed to directly with the artist on the platform. We do this because our mission statement is ‘by musicians, for musicians’, and many of our providers love the freedom of not chasing leads, answering queries and dealing with admin. This leaves them more time to focus on the music, and clients love it too as they have dedicated staff on hand to help them. N.B We do offer direct communication with the artist as well, as some projects simply demand this.

Ultimately, there is no better way to work, it is down to personal preference and it’s all about working with the person you want to work with, whichever platform they may be on.

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