Meet the musicians - introducing music producer and vocalist Aubrey Whitfield...



This week, we have an interview with London based Aubrey Whitfield. Aubrey is a very talented songwriter, music producer and vocalist - thats right, she's a triple threat!



We initially discovered Aubrey through her production work - not only can she offer radio quality mixing and mastering services, but she also stands out as one of the only female producers we have discovered! With songwriting services in addition, Aubrey is a fantastic choice for up and coming artists/bands who might want help with song arrangement and production. 

Aubrey is also a fantastic vocalist, with a very distinctive and earthy vocal style that many labels look for. So, lets hand it over...

Tell us about the kind of projects you typically work on...

My work falls between two types of musical projects: music producing/songwriting and session vocals. I have been a songwriter and producer for about 20 years and I'm working with some of the UK's major pop artists. In addition, I've been singing for about 25 years and my very powerful and unique voice is in demand for EDM records. Sso I spend a lot of time writing toplines for dance, rock and pop records.

Who are your top five musical influences?

I have such an eclectic taste in music that I am influenced by songs rather than artists. But if I think about the songs I wrote and produced recently I would say: 1. Katy Perry
2. Ryan Tedder
3. Gabrielle Aplin
4. Justin Bieber
5. The Chainsmokers

Tell us about your home studio setup...

I have an amazing project studio in South London! I use Logic Pro X which is just a great platform. I use a Universal Apollo Quad Pre-amp and a Neumann U87 microphone for vocals which has an incredible sound. I use a range of soft synths including Lennar Sylenth (my favourite), Nexus, Serum, Pianoteq and Rob Papen Predator to name a few. I have the best plugins around from Waves, UAD and Soundtoys. Then to top it all off I have two Taylor acoustic guitars, a Fender Tele and a Fender Strat, a Vox ACR Amp and Native Instruments Maschine. It's the most inspiring workspace I have ever worked in!

Aubrey's impressive home studio setup - very cool!

Aubrey's impressive home studio setup - very cool!

Tell us what you can bring to a song...

Well firstly...I am a VERY rare female record producer (only 2% of producers are female) so clients instantly get that unique experience working with me. Not only that, you get the instant warmth and great communication skills that women can bring! Because I have a range of skills including a producer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist AND singer, it means that I can produce a full production from scratch - all the instruments, the lyrics/melody, a vocal and a mix/master. Not everyone can do all of those things so I'm quite lucky! My music fuses together pop and electronic elements, with a bit of rock thrown in. I believe this is music of the future (we are due a change!) so I'm trying to be ahead of the curve and keep my productions as cutting edge as possible.

What has been the highlight of your musical career so far?

I always remember when my song 'Pinball' hit 1.1 million streams on Soundcloud in 2016. That blew me away! But it has to be working with the incredibly talented British artists that I am now writing and producing with. I have some big announcements coming soon so 2017 is going to be a special year for me!

How do you approach remote recording sessions? 

The most important thing is to regularly communicate with the artist. Firstly, I establish what they need and what they want their song to sound like. I'll then give them a clear idea of when I'm likely to have a draft for them to listen to. I always send them a draft mix and make any changes they need. There is no limit on the number of revisions. Although I usually get it perfect in one or two mixes, I will do unlimited revisions until the artist is 100% happy. I always keep my clients regularly updated.

What genre(s) of music do you specialise in?

My genre of expertise for songwriting and producing is pop (including electronic pop and pop rock). My music is very commercial sounding so I tend to produce chart/radio music. For session vocals my voice suits EDM music or rock music, but I also do pop.

How do you think Kollab benefits you and other musicians?

The Kollab platform is a great way to connect talented producers, songwriters, singers and musicians with each other to create future hit records. Not only that, but Kollab select their roster very carefully so clients can be assured that they are getting access to some of the best producers and music makers in the business.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to hire a musician like you?

I would say don't hold back! This is your song and you should be part of the creative process. So share your ideas and let me know what you want. It's always helpful to think of 3 songs that you want your track to sound like and send me the links. This will guide the producing session. On the flip side, you may want to leave me to start with a blank canvass and use my skills and ability to create something fresh for you. This is also ok and a lot of clients give me the space to do that with great results. Just communicate to me what you want and I will ensure I deliver your vision for the song(s)!

You can message Aubrey direct at her Kollab page here