We have female singers for hire...


At Kollab it should be no surprise that we have a wide range of top musicians and seasoned music producers. They are all ready to work with your on your track today.

We recently came across a forum post that mentioned how hard it is to find female singers for hire. Not any more it isn't!

Kollab is a relatively new platform in a very new market, which is remote recording. Most artists and musicians are still not completely aware of the process of remote recording, or how easy it has become now thanks to platforms like Kollab.

Finding a female singer (or any musician for that matter) would have been severely limited in the past to who was local to you, but the digital age has done away with this constraint. 

At present, our platform allows you to interact with musicians by sending private messages, the same way you would on Facebook Messenger. This allows you to have a lot of communication with the musicians and producers you hire, which we do encourage. The more they know about your track the better they can deliver what you want. 

At this point in time we are concentrating on refining our service, and building our database of both customers and sellers. 


Hire session vocalists like Kerry through Kollab today - click here to message direct...

We are always increasing our seller base, with the aim of offering a wide range of players for you to choose from in any skill-set, be it pianists, guitarists, drummers or mixing engineers. 

We do however, have some big plans for next year also.

Kollab 2.0, when it is launched, will make the process of hiring a female singer so slick it will be less effort than doing your grocery shopping.

We can't say too much at this point, but all we can say is that our early adopters and first generation user base will be rewarded with a platform you will love forever.

Whether you have found Kollab looking to hire a session musician or music producer, or perhaps are looking to sell your own services, we encourage you to message an artist you want to work with and join the Kollab community. We are building a musical community that will grow from strength to strength in the coming years, and we want you in now on the ground floor.