film/tv scores

Our talented team of composers have decades of experience in the music industry, and are frequently commissioned to write original music for visual mediums such as film, TV, streaming formats and more.

Great visuals demand a great soundtrack, and our team can work any project (big or small) to provide the soundtrack to your story. In recent years, royalty free library music for film and television has become widely accessible. This has led to more people seeking out bespoke, original audio that is tailored to their project, rather than using stock audio that coudl be heard elsewhere. That’s where Kollab come in…

Our experienced team have worked hard to source some of the finest composers, arrangers and scorers, with a multitude of credits between them they can provide the soundtrack to your visuals.

Contact us below and tell us about your project - we have composers to suit all genres and will work with you to find the best Kollab artist for your needs.

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