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Our remote mastering engineers will add the final sonic touch to your song and give it that ‘radio-ready’ sparkle. Our dedicated mastering professionals use a combination of analog and digital tools in a neutral monitoring environment, delivering awesome results to every single song.

Mastering is the final part of the production process, and takes less time than the mixing process. A mastering engineer will apply the finishing touches to your overall mixed track, optimising loudness (without distorting!) and adjusting for unique elements of the track’s audio. This involves using a range of effects such as compression/limiting, equalisation, creative effects, panning and restoration. The mastering engineer can also prepare the track for distribution on various formats (stream, CD, vinyl etc.).

There are various mastering tools readily available these days, but as this is a relatively inexpensive process, it’s a no brainer to hire a dedicated mastering engineer in our opinion. Our mastering professionals have worked with Grammy winners, and they will bring that level of experience and detail to your song.

Contact us below and tell us about your project - we have mastering engineers to suit all genres and will work with you to find the best Kollab artist for your needs.

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