mixing engineers

Our remote mixing engineers can take your song tracks (either project files or WAV files) and transform them into a radio standard production. The mix process is one of the most important elements to creating a professional recording, and is an art form in itself.

A Kollab mixing engineer will take your recorded parts and use the latest plugins to apply effects (reverb, compression, gate, delay, autotune, panning etc.) to bring your song to life. Most of our mixing engineers work in dedicated mixing rooms with treated acoustics, and we include one free revision as standard with every order.

A great mix will make your song pop out of the speakers, but a mediocre mix leaves a song sounded flat and uninspired.

A mixing engineer will cost less than a full production option, making this a budget-friendly option for unsigned artists and emerging bands/musicians.

Contact us below and tell us about your project - we have producers to suit all genres and will work with you to find the best Kollab artist for your needs.

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