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Pinball was an original song written and produced by Aubrey, released in 2015. The song has had over 1 million plays on Soundcloud since then, and inspired lots of unsigned artists to work with Aubrey as a music producer.

Crash & Burn is the debut single from The Utopia, which is made up of Aubrey and South American star Gaston Dalmau. 


about aubrey


Aubrey an award winning British music producer, songwriter and vocalist. Currently Aubrey is the most successful female music producer in the UK, working with both major label artists and unsigned acts. Her recent credits include Little Mix, Kelly Clarkson and the X-Factor.

A self confessed ‘workaholic’, Aubrey’s hard work and dedication has won her hundreds of clients all over the world, and In 2017 she won a European music award for ‘Producer of The Year’.

Aubrey's main genres are commercial chart music including pop, electronic, rock & dance. Her writing is very commercial sounding and produced from a top of the range project studio in London, meaning that artists will get radio quality recordings and mixes. If you are local to London you are welcome to record on site with Aubrey, but don’t worry if not as she has worked with hundreds of clients remotely around the world!

Aubrey takes a very hands on approach to every job and gives your music the attention that most music producers won’t. Mixing and mastering in included in every project, using top of the range plugins and equipment. Aubrey likes to support, coach and mentor her clients and can offer support in approaching record labels or advice on how to build a fanbase - this is a real perk for independant artists and a great reason to work with Aubrey on your next track, EP or album.


  • Neumann U87 Microphone
  • Universal Audio Apollo Quad Pre-amp
  • Nexus 2 Synth
  • Sylenth Synth
  • Logic Pro X
  • Waves Plugins
  • UAD Plugins
  • Soundtoys Plugins

Average prices: £350 per track (full production), £130 per track (vocals), £95 per track (lyric writing)

Hire Aubrey as your remote music producer - all parts will be recorded remotely for you and your files delivered with fast turnaround. Aubrey will work closely with you throughout the project, and no need for expensive studio fees!

Please note that prices vary depending on each project. It's difficult to give a 'one price fits all' option when creating music, so please contact Aubrey below for an accurate quote.

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