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Our remote music producers will work with you to take your song from an idea to a fully produced radio standard song. Our experienced music producers have world class facilities and can record, arrange, mix and master your next song. This is the complete package and most popular with vocalists, aspiring artists and up and coming bands.

Working with a remote producer is different to hiring a music producer in the traditional sense, in that you are not paying for expensive studio overheads. Producers have been working remotely for years in the music business, and now this service is feasible for musicians of all levels.

Imagine, as an amateur musician being able to hire Led Zeppelin’s producer to work with you on one of your songs? Or hiring a leading UK producer who has produced for number one artists such as Little Mix? Maybe your an indie artist and you’d like to work with a producer who’s worked on albums by Black Grape and New Order? Well, you don’t have to imagine because this is the Kollab service!

Contact us below and tell us about your project - we have producers to suit all genres and will work with you to find the best Kollab artist for your needs.

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