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about david

LOCATION: portugal
CREDITS: anselmo ralph, agir, barbara bandeira

David picked up the guitar at 10 years of age after having organ lessons for 3 years before that. At the age of 16 started playing professionally. He has played hundreds of concerts with many different artists, different projects and on his own, from big stages in front of thousands of people, and he can bring this wealth of experience to your track. He has also had the pleasure to record some of the biggest hits of the last few years in Portugal

David has been playing live and recording regularly for the last 15 years with a lot of different artists from different styles. A true session player, he is fully versed in electric guitar, acoustic and classical. David is easy to work with and has a fast workflow, working from home in his own studio.

gear highlights:

·         Maton acoustic

·         Fender Stratocaster

·         Ibanez AF-125

·         Esteve Nylon guitar

·         LTD EC1000 Evertune

·         PRS Custom 24

·         Yamaha silent nylon

·         Focusrite soundcard

·         RODE mic

·         Audio Technica mic

·         Fractal AX8


Average prices: £135 per track 

Hire David as your remote session guitarist - all parts will be recorded remotely for you and your files delivered via email in just a few days. No need for expensive studio fees!

Please note that prices vary depending on each project. It's difficult to give a 'one price fits all' option when creating music, so please contact David below for an accurate quote.

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