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Steve is a world renowned session musician and composer specialising in arrangements for strings and keyboards. 

With over 20 years in the industry, Steve is a genius composer and arranger which is evident from his huge credits list! His time as a professional musician has seen him tour and record with hundreds of UK and international artists. Just a handful of highlights include:

Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Kylie, M People, Jaz-Z, Beyonce, Bono, Beverley Knight, Sugababes, All Saints, Heather Small, Jocelyn Brown, Gloria Gaynor, Anastacia, Sir Tom Jones, Will I Am...

Steve has also had many TV commissions, featuring on the Jay Leno show and recently being part of the house band on BBC's 'The Voice'.

Although his career has mostly been in the pop domain, Steve was classically trained up to age 18 on piano and violin.

Steve is known to make his compositions a vibrant part of the track; innovative, contemporary and distinctive yet unobtrusive. He can achieve this with melodic counterpoint and distinctive harmony to make the strings sing out whilst sitting comfortably in the mix.

Steve has arranged for styles ranging from pop and soul, R&B and gospel to country and folk, urban and rock, even African. Stylistically versatile, he has written for films, animations, TV, advertising and commercial music media.

Steve can source orchestral musicians as required and top studio spaces, and supervise or conduct at the recording using London's best session players who bring flair and character (and their treasured expensive instruments) to the recordings.

If your budget is restricted he is also a skilled keyboard player and using samples, recorded part-by-part with human emotion, amazingly realistic results can be achieved at a much lower cost. No matter what your budget Steve will be able to help you with your track, and if you aspire to achieve the great things some of the artists above have, it always pays to surround yourself with players like Steve who can make your music be the best it can be!

Steve is a popular artist with Kollab customers thanks to his friendly service, attention to detail and of course, his musical genius! Drop him a line directly using the form below...


Average prices: £150 - £700 per track 

Hire Steve as your remote session keyboard or piano player - all parts will be recorded remotely for you and your files delivered via email in just a few days. No need for expensive studio fees!

Please note that prices vary depending on each project - an order with Steve could range from anything from a strings line played with plugins to a full orchestra recorded in a professional studio! It's difficult to give a 'one price fits all' option when creating music, so please contact Steve below for an accurate quote.

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To message Steve directly about your project, simply click 'Make Enquiry' below and he will reply ASAP with an accurate quote.