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CREDITS: DAME, Wicked ways, black camera
main genres: rock, indie, pop

Matt is a hugely popular online session vocalist who has worked with hundreds of clients across the world. A self confessed rock n roll fan, Matt has a stunning rock voice and impressive range. His voice can effortlessly shift from hard heavy rock singing to soulful R & B, and everything in between. This versatility makes him the perfect session singer and is the reason he is in such high demand today.

Matt has been very busy the past couple of years as a professional singer and songwriter. He offers great value for money and can record vocals for any style of project you have.

Matt's clients love his easy going, friendly approach and of course his professional approach to every project. He can deliver to very fast deadlines, so get in touch with Matt today using the 'Make Enquiry' button below.


Average price: £150 per track 

Hire Matt as your online session vocalist - all parts will be recorded remotely for you and your files delivered via email in just a few days. No need for expensive studio fees!

Please note that prices vary depending on each project. It's difficult to give a 'one price fits all' option when creating music, so please contact Matt below for an accurate quote. 

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To message Matt directly about your project, simply click 'Make Enquiry' below and he will reply ASAP with an accurate quote.