Our remote songwriters and lyricists provide a range of songwriting services to help you transform your idea into a finished song. Examples of our service include complete songwriting (a track wrote to your brief and reference files), lyric writing, guide melodies, ghostwriting and more.

We have some of the best songwriting talent the world has to offer, from top artists in London to a Nashville based artist who is writing for major worldwide brands.

Since the dawn of popular music, top ten artists have been using songwriters to help them create their tracks. This is more true today than ever, and it is almost the norm for big stars to have teams of songwriters work on their albums (sometime as many as 7 different writers on one track, as was the case on Bruno Mars last album).

This service is suitable for upcoming artists who need songs writing that have real hit potential. It’s also a good starting point for new and aspiring artists to work with more experienced industry professionals and learn how to take your game to the next level.

The songwriting service can be ordered either on a royalty split basis or a ‘buyout’ basis. With a royalty split, we will agree a royalty split between you and the artist. In a lot of cases, clients prefer to pay a little extra for a buyout, which means they then own any and all future royalties from the song. Don’t worry, this is not as daunting as it sounds and our team will guide you through this stage when you make your enquiry!

Contact us below and tell us about your project - we have songwriters to suit all genres and will work with you to find the best Kollab artist for your needs.

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