nick - trumpet/flugelhorn



As a freelance trumpet player, Nick is at home playing any style of music. Be it Classical or Hip-hop, he can provide the trumpet sound you are looking for - whether it's phat riffs or soaring solos.

about Nick


Nick is a freelance trumpet and flugelhorn player who is available to record for you remotely as an online session musician. 

In the traditional vein of a session musician, Nick has played with a wide variety of artists over the years, both in the recording studio and live on stage. This has given him a versatility that means he turn his playing to all styles, from jazz to hard rock, country to soul, or funk to folk music. Recently Nick has been touring with rap artist ENV, and celebrated rock band The Lines.

If you are looking for some real brass on your track, Nick is available to hire right now. Whether you have a line you would like him to play, need a line or part composing from scratch or perhaps want some improvisation or a solo, Nick can help. Get in touch directly using the /make enquiry' button below.


Average prices: £125 per song

Hire Nick as your remote trumpet player - all parts will be recorded remotely for you and your files delivered via email in just a few days. No need for expensive studio fees!

Please note that prices vary depending on each project - how many tracks, arrangement/composition required, etc. It's difficult to give a 'one price fits all' option when creating music, so please contact Nick below for an accurate quote.

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contact nick

To contact Nick about your project, simply click 'Make Enquiry' below and we will get right back to you.

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