why use kollab?

We want you to be 100% confident before you place an order with Kollab. We work with a wide range of clients in the music industry, from bedroom artists working on their own music to film and TV commissions. No matter what the project is, every order is treated the same and we pride ourselves on both customer experience and delivering quality results. Here's what makes us different...

We're not a marketplace

Unlike other online freelancing websites, we handpick all of our artists and quality check all of the work carried out.

We're a real company

We are a reputable, registered company in the UK with real staff, not a faceless website or part time project.

easy order process

Our online ordering process couldn't be simpler, leaving you more time to focus on what's important...the music!

money back guarantee

We guarantee your order will be professional standard or your money back - no quibbles and no questions asked!

100% royalty ownership

You will own 100% of the royalties to any works you order through Kollab, unless you have agreed othwise with the artist.

secure online payments

We use a secure server for online payments and all data is encrypted. You will be sent a private link for bespoke quotes that only you can access.

dedicated staff

We have a dedicated and friendly team who work with you throughout your order - we're here if you need us!

we are musicians

Kollab was founded by working musicians, so we know the industry well and are sympathetic of both our clients and artists.

the best global talent

We have a roster of some of the finest session musicians, producers and vocalists from all over the world.

payment protection

We don't release payments to the artist until you are 100% satisfied, and provide resolution in the rare event of a dispute. 

Direct Communication

You will still have direct communication with any artists you hire, keeping you in control of your project.

competitive prices

Our prices are very competitive and a fraction of the traditional costs you would pay in a major or independent recording studio.


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